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Welcome to PODS® NW Arkansas
PODS revolutionized the moving and storage industry by introducing the concept of portable storage containers. With PODS, containers are delivered right to your door, so you can pack at your leisure. When you’re ready, we’ll move your PODS® container across town, across the country or to our secure, climate controlled storage center.
PODS of NW Arkansas 
Moving and Storage

PODS of NW Arkansas is locally owned and operated.  The owner, Ben Pierce, is a graduate from the University of Arkansas.  While PODS® is reinventing the way people move and store you can also expect exceptional customer service the way you are used to in NW Arkansas.
Our PODS team in NW Arkansas:
Ben Pierce is a graduate of the University of Arkansas. Ben purchased PODS of NW Arkansas in July 2008. At the time he was working with PODS Inc. in Clearwater, FL. When the opportunity arose to move back to Fayetteville he didn't think twice. Ben is a hands-on owner who's #1 goal is customer service. He takes great pride in his small business and does anything he can to give back to the community.  Ben loves personally talking with as many customers as possible so please don't hesitate to contact him at any time!

Ken Miner and Mark Steffes complete the team with their expertise in operating the PODS® equipment and they handle each container as if it was their own. Ken and Mark approach each day with professionalism and a smile and will be happy to answer any questions during delivery.

PODS NW Arkansas Storage Center

5225 N Oak St.
Bethel Heights, AR 72764


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The Best Moving and Storage Idea Ever...™
PODS in the Community
Supporting the community is a big part of our business and we are very proud of the fact that in 2011 alone, PODS provided over $21,000 in donated moving and storage services to nonprofit organizations around NW Arkansas. These groups are a major factor in why our community is one of the best in America and PODS of NW Arkansas is glad to be a part of it!


 PODS of NW Arkansas 
PODS of NW Arkansas
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